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Championship dates June 4-6th (One Day Competition) – June 23-25 (alternate date if needed) 

The tournament will be collegiate rules and for top 8 seed wrestlers in each weight. (See Invite List) First round will be the quarter finals  winners advance ( no wrestle back)  second round the semi finals winers advance and semi final losers wrestle for 3rd. ( All wrestling will occur on June 5th).   

All athletes will coordinate arrival time and dates with host. Hotel check in will be available beginning  June 2nd at 1:00PM.   

Medical Check/Weigh-ins ( 2 Kilo allowance) – June 4rd:  5pm – 8pm at hotel. Each weight class will be called from their room to come to weigh in area and once the weight class has exited weigh in room the next weight class will be called.  

Session 1 – June 5th – Competition time 9:30 AM

8:30AM (Warm-up) Procedure and protocol will be followed for each session. Weight classes  will wrestle in order from 125 – HWT. Each weigh class will be invited to enter warm up  areas. Mat rooms A &B (under 10 people per room).  1, 3, 5, 7  seeds report to Warm up room A  &  Warm up  Room B  2, 4, 6, 8. This process will repeat for each weight class.  No other wrestlers will be allowed in the warm up area. The warm up areas and competition rooms will be open in-between session with no more than 10 people per time permitted (or state mandated) in each room. Only pre-checked and cleared individuals will be permitted in the warm up and competition rooms. (Same procedures will be followed for each session of the event)  

9:30 AM Wrestling to begin in Competition room Y and Z starting with top of bracket and called from warm up room to competition room. Once prior match is completed and mats sanitized the next seeds will be called from the warm up area. Each round will proceed in the same manner. Once athlete is dismissed from competition rooms or warm up rooms they will not be permitted re-enter. Competitors will go directly to their hotel room and shower. 

Session 2  – June 5th- Competition starts time 2:30 PM Same protocol and procedures will be followed as prior round.

Session 3 – June 5th  (3rd Place)  Start time 6:30 PM Same protocol as prior round.   

Session 4 – June 5th: Finals  8:45 PM Same protocol as prior round.  

Awards:  Top Four placers will receive 2020 Nationals Awards. OW and Wrestler of the Year Trophies will be presented. Awards presented on the mat immediately after each match. 

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