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Our Mission

To Create the Safest Wrestling National Championship Ever. Safety First!

Wrestling is a unique sport in that it is one-on-one. It does NOT require a team and does NOT require a crowd. It can be done in an Arena with 20k screaming fans, a living room, or a closed off banquet room in a hotel. A small invite only tournament can be run in a responsible manner.  Every invited participant will be asked to do their part and follow the specific guidelines while driving to the event.

“Better to be prepared for an opportunity that never happens than underprepared for one that does.” 

The 2020 Last Scrap Nationals, will strictly follow all state and federal regulations and guidelines. If the environment is not safe the event will be delayed or canceled. No one currently knows the severity of the COVID-19. Our mission is too safely be prepared to move forward in a few months time if the environment is safe. Athletes should be prepared and ready to go!

We live in unprecedented times with COVID-19. However, it is our hope that the virus will not control every aspect of our lives. It is important as wrestlers, during these times, to be socially constructive. We believe that proper safety and planning can be done now to enable each invitee a safe environment to travel and compete for a National Title while being respectful to the larger conditions on the ground. If we can not achieve our mission, then the tournament will not proceed. Each athlete will be tested for COVID-19 prior to competition.

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