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Unprecedented safety precautions to meet our unprecedented times.

The Current Public Market Conditions – There is a pandemic, and for safety, the rules provided by each state and the federal government during this crisis will be followed by all participants and the event organizer.

The Event Procedures 

The competition room and warm up rooms will have no more than state specified number of individuals gathered at one time.  Participants will be called from their hotel room and move from warm up to competition so that no more than state maximum numbers are gathered at one time. No Fans. Live video streaming will be the only way to view the event live.

The competitor, staff, and coaches will be tested 2x. A preliminary test prior to departing to the tournament and once at the competition site for the COVID-19 virus.

Mandatory Procedures for all Participants. 

It is each athletes sole responsibility and pledge to practice safe travel to and from the venue. All invited guests will confirm travel details plans with the event organizer.

Competitor COVID-19 test procedures. Each participant will be mailed a preliminary test kit to their home location and will provide test results prior to travel. Upon arriving at the event each participant will be tested again for Covid-19. Once cleared, each wrestler, coach, and referee will be allowed to complete the check in process at the hotel.

Safe Hygiene Travel Procedures   

1) When traveling in the car with others open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate. 

2) Wear Masks in public do not touch your mouth or other body openings. 

3) Practice Social distancing 3-6ft. 

4) Wash your hands repeatedly and bring sanitary towels.  

5) Use gloves, do not come in contact with surfaces that are publicly accessed. Door handles, gas pump handles, etc. 

Weigh-in and Screening – (2Kilo Weight Allowance)  Weigh-in the night before the competition date. Each weight class 8 people and 2 doctors will screen and weigh the athletes that have upon check in tested negative for Covid-19.  

Pre-Competition – Warm up areas will allow only maximum to gather at one time. The mats and room will be sanitized after each weight class. Each competitor will be given a schedule for the day and assigned to  a warm up and competition room and then be called to enter the competition room once the prior athletes have exited and mats sanitized. 

Post-Competition – Return to Hotel  room for shower. We ask that you remain in your room and only interact with those competitors and coaches that have been confirmed as non carriers. 

Disclaimer and Waiver

All participants must sign a hold harmless and release waiver. The decision to enter this tournament must be taken at the sole risk of the athlete and their parent or legal guardian. While very strict guidelines mentioned above will be followed that should prevent any participant from exposure to COVID 19 from this event. There are can be no assurance that a participant will not contract the COVID-19 virus as a result of particiapting in this event. While all participants will test negative for COVID-19 there is no representation that an individual who participates in this event could not contract COVID-19.

A DocuSign waiver will be sent to the email address provided. The agreement must be signed by the athlete, and parent or guardian, to participate in this event.

Helpful Resources

We have learned substantial information about the virus from other counties and how they have dealt with it. Please see the attached web sites that have been provided.  

World Heath Organization Website – Please visit website from The World Health Organization to  better understand the issues around COVID -19.

World Health Organization – Rolling Updates on COVID-19

Foods Boost Immune Systems

How To Prepare for The Next Outbreak – Alanna Shaikh

What We Do and Don’t Know About the Corona Virus – David Heymann

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance – Tomas Pueyo

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