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In the Message field please provide your phone number and current location address. You will be contacted to go over tournament procedures and travel.

Entrance Fee:  $10.00 
Hotel:  Room $99.00 per night.  (Reservations are under Last Scrap Nationals). We have selected 3 Hotels (500+ room properties) locations between Cleveland and Chicago. The hotel will be announced 3 weeks prior to competition. 
Uniforms: Red & Blue singlets (no school issued singlets) 

No athlete may accept funding from his  school or university for this event. 

Location: Event will be hosted in the mid-west (Cleveland to Chicago ) with in 8-11 hours drive of 80% of the top 8 invited guests.

Training – All competitors are in the same boat and are not able to train in familiar surroundings. You will each need to figure out how to stay in top physical shape. If your intentions is to be the best in the world, self training is a skill you will need to know well.

Invited Athletes – Please sign up. You will be contacted at the information you have provided to discuss travel arrangements. 

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